Are Will and Jada backing brown over black for TV pilot?

I doubt that this pilot would be completely void of at least one black character. It is just good to see that there will be people of color behind the scenes and creating shows for television. I say make it happen and help open the door for the next person.

Rumor and speculation on all things personal shouldn't be too much of a surprise to Hollywood power couple Will and Jada Smith. Recent headlines had the couple headed for divorce court. Instead of reading about a marital split, many were surprised to learn the dynamic duo just sold a multi-camera comedy pilot to ABC about a charismatic Dominican-American from Washington Heights, who tries to please his traditional immigrant father while creating a life that reflects his vision of the American Dream.

Despite the achievement, doubt continues to swirl -- not necessarily about them, but this time the rumblings are focused on the untitled pilot's premise as it centers around a Latino family, and not one that is African-American.

I have to point out the grumbling is a bit premature since the show is only at the pilot stage and hasn't been picked up to series.

Nonetheless, naysayers point to the fact there are very few broadcast shows with predominantly African-American casts, crew, storylines or creatives. All true. Therefore, one can make the correlation it seems curious the Smiths decided their next small screen business decision would focus on a brown TV family instead of a black one.

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