Anti-Wall Street Protests Spreading to Cities Large and Small

I am so excited that the movement is catching on. Unless we all participate, it will go down in history as another moment. I hope that Congress is watching what is happening across the country.  The media wants to define the protesters as disorganized and not having a defined leader or purpose. These people are getting every one's attention, so I would say that their strategy is working.

A loose-knit populist campaign that started on Wall Street three weeks ago has spread to dozens of cities across the country, with protesters camped out in Los Angeles near City Hall, assembled before the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago and marching through downtown Boston to rally against corporate greed, unemployment and the role of financial institutions in the economic crisis.

With little organization and a reliance on Facebook, Twitter and Google groups to share methods, the Occupy Wall Street campaign, as the prototype in New York is called, has clearly tapped into a deep vein of anger, experts in social movements said, bringing longtime crusaders against globalization and professional anarchists together with younger people frustrated by poor job prospects.

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