Windows Mango Review: Beautiful, Functional, But Where Are The Apps?

When I was growing up, Mango was not a fruit to be enjoyed with sticky rice, nor a color that bridesmaids look terrible in, nor the latest, much-ballyhooed release of the Windows Phone operating system currently rolling out to WP device owners. No, Mango was something much different: It was the name of a scantily-clad, ambiguously gay, vaguely Hispanic male gogo-dancer played by Chris Kattan on "Saturday Night Live."

For those who missed all of the Mango sketches of the late 90s (here's a typical one with Christopher Walken), they followed the same basic thread: This dancer Mango, who is not very good looking or very nice to his fans or even a very good dancer, is for some unknown reason, totally irresistible to any man who lays eyes on him, to the point of fanaticism and tunnel-visioned obsession.

Sound familiar?

Though Microsoft has named its mobile OS update "Mango", it is certainly not the SNL "Mango" of the mobile landscape; that distinction belongs to the iPhone, which, no matter what you think of its looks or usability, is the only smartphone out there that can whip the public into a frenzy like the Chris Kattan character spanking himself in a burlesque club dressing room. Leave it to Apple to announce its iPhone-centric media event just two hours before the official release of Mango, jumping into the spotlight with arms spread wide open ahead of Microsoft's OS update rollout.

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