September: The Senate Monthly 10

I think all of these upcoming elections will be tough and significant for the growth of the country. I hope people will vote for themselves and not against themselves this time around. There is a lot riding on this election, so many lives will be affected by the outcome.

Elizabeth Warren basked in the media glow of her much-anticipated launch, pushing Massachusetts into the top tier of the Senate Monthly 10 – POLITICO’s monthly rankings of the most competitive Senate contests in the country.

Evolving developments also place Nebraska on the list for the first time, while the races in Virginia and Montana remain tight.

1. VIRGINIA — This will be the margin-of-error race of the cycle, but the balance tipped slightly toward George Allen this month, even in the face of some promising indicators for Tim Kaine. The former Democratic National Committee chairman showed resilience in Quinnipiac polling, keeping pace with independent voters as President Barack Obama’s numbers continued to plummet. But the Allen folks believe Kaine’s new argument on taxes — that allowing the Bush cuts for the wealthy to expire is not an increase – is fertile ground for them, especially after Kaine was forced to defend extending those cuts just one year ago.

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