October 16, 2011: New date for MLK Memorial Dedication

Although the original date had significant historical value, this new date has a more recent historical value. It will be the 16th Anniversary of the Million Man March. WOW!!!!!

Despite all of the attempts to discredit the man, you cannot discredit the contributions he made to America. I understand the gripe about the statue being built by the Chinese. I understand that some don't think that Dr. King would want a monument at this time when so much has not changed as it relates to jobs and labor rights. Tapes are being released this week of Jackie Kennedy saying disparaging comments about Dr. King.

Dr. King, Malcolm, Medger, Pres. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy were all killed for what they stood for. There will always be group of people that will not agree with the message and will not like the messenger.

Either way, the dedication happening on the anniversary of the Million Man March is awesome. Sometimes we don't always understand why things happen. I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason. The media has romanticized the March on Washington by highlighting the parts of his speech that makes them feel good. If they had paid more attention to the beginning of the speech, then maybe by now I would have been able to cash my check.

The media did all that it could to discredit the Million Man March and what it stood for. To have the first African American President, President Barack Obama, speak at the dedication of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. monument on October 16, 2011 is priceless. I hope it will be televised!!!!


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