Lamar Alexander quitting leadership post in Senate

This is definitely a shock and a surprise. I wonder what the real reason with his decision to step. So much is happening in DC, that nothing is happening in DC.

Sen. Lamar Alexander will resign from his influential Republican leadership post in January, a stunning decision by the former two-time presidential candidate who has played a central role shaping GOP strategy during President Barack Obama’s time in office.

In a letter sent Tuesday morning to Republican senators — first reported by POLITICO — Alexander said he will cut short his leadership term by quitting as Republican Conference chairman, the No. 3 job, and abandoning his hopes to ascend to the powerful Senate Republican whip job in the next Congress.

Alexander says the decision was rooted in his desire to foster consensus in the gridlocked Senate, a role he felt constrained playing while spearheading the partisan Senate GOP messaging machine.

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