Education Nation Changes the Conversation

I am so glad that we are changing the conversation as it relates to education. Our children are suffering as we fight over school choice, vouchers, charters public vs. private and the like. If we get back to the basics of teaching instead of teaching to a test, we could help our children now.

NBC News' Education Nation campaign launched this week with teachers, business pioneers, a former president and other leaders gathered in New York City to engage in a dialogue about education in America today. The event spans all of NBC's news programming and also convenes a three-day Summit on education issues.

Education Nation is not only an effort to amplify the conversation about education in America, it's also about changing the conversation.

We were honored to participate in Education Nation Monday -- on The Today Show and on a panel at the Summit -- talking about an issue that is too often left out of the debate: the power of early childhood education.

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