Carville Advises Obama To 'Panic,' Fire People And Make A Bunch Of Politically Motivated Indictments To Win In 2012

James Carville is not an 'Obama Democrat'. He was for Hillary until the bitter end. I really can't recall a time that Carville has taken a positive tone with the President.  He seems to always want to tell him what he should be doing.  I understand wanting to hold the President accountable, but the President does not need to panic.  To panic would have the whole world in an uproar. Slow and steady is the style of this President. So far, it has worked in his favor. Having said all of that, I would like to see a little more fight out him as he goes around talking to people. Hesince Obama has been elected, that Carville has said anything of a positive stance for this President.

Hey, America. Are you ready for a political "advice" column that has the sentence, "There were enough deaths at Stalingrad to make the entire tea party collectively orgasm" in its fifth paragraph? Or that makes the basic suggestion that President Barack Obama should "panic"? Because that's what former Clinton aide-de-camp James Carville is advising over at CNN's opinion page.

Actually, those are probably the key moments when the hot cobra venom hits Carville's adrenal glands. The rest of the column, frankly, makes some nominal sense if you've been paying attention to what's going on in America, and parts of it -- parts! -- will probably be heard pretty sympathetically by people who still wish success for the Obama administration. Though that whole "panicking" part, does that ever work in a re-election year? Carville thinks so, and his first prescription for Obama is to fire a bunch of people:

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