Black Caucus Speech: What Did Obama Mean?

Here we go again. There is nothing that the President can do as it relates to Black people. We cannot continue to complain about what is happening and when it is time to vote people in and out office, we are no where to be found. When it is time to get a job, some of us can't pass a mandatory drug test, so we remain unemployed. We allow our children to sell drugs out of our homes. We allow our schools not to educate our children because we are not showing up at the school for meetings. So I agree with the President. The CBC should have a counter every time the Tea Party comes out with something. But instead, they are waiting on the President to respond. We need to get over the small stuff and start to organize for our interest.

It's been four days since President Obama delivered remarks at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's Annual Phoenix Awards Dinner, just one of 10 speeches that he's given within that time. But the debate over what he said before that mostly African-American audience -- and how he chose to say it -- is still going strong.

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