Texas A&M Acts On a Possible Move

I am not real sure what Texas A&M is doing, the grass may be greener but it still needs watering, trimming and cutting. This is another case of that. This seems like one of those deals that looks good in the beginning, but could be detrimental in the long term.

In a step that appears to start the process of Texas A&M’s move to the Southeastern Conference, the university’s president, R. Bowen Loftin, sent a letter to the Big 12 on Thursday announcing that Texas A&M was “exploring our options” for conference movement.

The letter states that it is not a notice of withdrawal but rather a request by Texas A&M for the Big 12 to give the university a way of “outlining for us the process to be followed” should it withdraw.

The issue now falls in the hands of the Big 12 because it will have to negotiate the terms of departure and a buyout for Texas A&M. The Big 12 can now determine how difficult it wants to make Texas A&M’s exit; the threat of legal action and hard-nosed Texas politics still loom.

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