The new ‘let them eat cake’ crib

This is crazy and it is not all that cute. Even if I had $3500.00, I would not waste it on that crib. The main reason being my son spent very little time in his first crib. This is so over the top. Who created this 'crib' in the first place? But, I guarantee they will make a huge profit.

Let them eat cake,” nursery version: the Vetro crib.

Arriving just now in high-end children’s stores in a country that is riddled with fear over the economy is a $3,500 crib.

This crib is apparently worth its price because it is undeniably beautiful (though probably not as beautiful as what goes in it), made entirely of acrylic (Vetro means “glass” in Italian) and recyclable.

“Each piece is like a work of art,” said Traci Fleming, president of Nurseryworks, which makes the crib. Each will be numbered, and Fleming expects that the company will make hundreds of them because of the strong response the Vetro has received.

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