In Chicago With Smiley and West Poverty Tour

I wonder how many voters have they registered at these town halls and on this poverty tour. How many of the these tours are stopping in the states that have change voting requirements? Why are they just attacking the President and not all of those members of Congress? I have no problem with critiquing the President's policies and practices. However, when the critique has a personal hue to it, it crosses the line. So to the grandmother that Dr. West told she needed a lawyer, did he give her the name of one? To the young man trying to bridge the gap with ex-offenders and small black owned businesses, did they have any contact information for him?

In my opinion, we do not need 'a poverty tour' for the sake of a 'poverty tour'. Who are the sponsors of this tour? Have they invested in the community to help offset the ills of the poor? For the cities that they are stopping in, are they investing in the community? Have they identified black owned small businesses in the area and invested in them? The President will do what he can with the resources he has at his disposal. When the tour is over, will that grandmother be closer to getting the help she needs or will she fail victim again to another 'driveby'?

The grandmother of a 13-year-old boy, whom she says was wrongfully shot and wounded by Chicago police officers, needs help obtaining legal assistance.

Another man, who works with ex-offenders, simply wants help bridging the gap between grassroots organizers and African-American business owners and leaders, whom he calls "elitist Negroes."

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