Bill Burton: Rick Perry 'dangerous', potentially 'devastating' for America

I agree with this strategy. It should be devoid of emotion and just deal with the facts. His statements alone when heard by rational people, will at least cause people to pause. I do caution that the Democrats not show too much of their strategy too soon. We have to wait a whole year before we know the nominee.

In his weekly memo for the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA, former White House spokesman Bill Burton signals that the first wave of Democratic attacks against Rick Perry won't be about character, land deals, the HPV vaccine or any of the other early oppo hits on the Texas governor.

The early Priorities USA attack line against Perry is simpler: He's too extreme to be trusted with the White House.

Burton riffs on Perry's first few weeks on the campaign trail, as well as other episodes from the Texan's recent political history, to call his candidacy a "powerful statement on how far mainstream Republican ideology has strayed from mainstream Americans":

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