“BET’s Sunday’s Best” Final 3…. Who’s Staying? [RECAP]

I missed the show because I was watching the football game. However, I am not shocked by the results. I knew these were going to be the two that would remain.

Tonight’s “Sunday’s Best” show opened up with Mary Mary Singing “Sitting With Me”. It was a great kick=off to the show’s diversity in musical approaches. This week’s episode theme brings everyone to “Sunday’s Best On Broadway”.

Michael Pugh “Climb Every Mountain” -Sound of Music

•Donnie McClurkin: You were Broadway every bit.
•Erica Campbell: I thought you did a fantastic job.
•Tina Campbell: You were suitable to the song.

Andrea Helms “Memories”-Cats

•Donnie McClurkin: I was really satisfied with the song.
•Erica Campbell: I thought it was tatsteful.
•Tina Campbell: You can really paint a picture.

Amber Bullock – “Summertime”- Porgy & Bess

•Donnie McClurkin: You have the ability to sing this song
•Erica Campbell: For a moment I felt like I bought a ticket for superstar.
•Tina Campbell: That was perfect.

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