America's Schools Still Don't Make the Grade

The teachers and administration is failing, not public education. The attention to test scores as opposed to student mastery has been the problem. We stopped teaching our children the basics. I was involved in a summer feeding and reading program. I was amazed and saddened at what our children do not know. We must do something. We must do something quickly.

The system is broken. Public education is failing.

The average fourth grader doesn't even have the most basic skill set in common subjects, while school superintendents in urban centers throughout the country, who are trying to get it right, are being fired at record levels.

Arlene Ackerman is gone after three years in Philadelphia. Teresa Gueyser was ousted last year in Detroit. Michelle Rhee is gone in Washington D.C.after ruffling feathers. And after several months of investigation, the state of Georgia recently released a scathing report on test cheating in Atlanta public schools.

Something is wrong with this picture.

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