7 Tips for Job-Seeking College Students on Social Media Etiquette

This is some good information not just for college students. There are some adults that need to heed to these 7 tips. People must realize that there really are no secrets any more and to act accordingly.

College seniors, let’s talk social media etiquette 101. You’ve worked hard to position yourself for a great position with the company of your dreams. You’ve gotten good grades, you have great internship experience and you’ve demonstrated great leadership on campus. All this can be undone in a few keystrokes if you’re not careful.

In today’s hi-tech world, potential employers use your social network profiles to validate your judgment and credibility as a candidate for jobs they’re posting. In essence, your social network profile acts as your new FICO score (how the financial industry evaluates how credit-worthy you are to potential lenders) in that it’s now being used to validate your character to potential employers. Here are a couple of data points from the Jobvite Social Recruiting 2011 survey that communicate how employers are using social networks for evaluating candidates:

•45% of companies always search social network profiles of candidates.
•89% of companies will recruit in social networks this year.

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