We're Number 34!

This is a very interesting read. My husband and I were just discussing the numbers the other day, and they don't add up. We are so far behind in so many areas, I amnot sure if we will ever catch up. The scary part is, that the majority of Americans don't really know or even understand it. So sad on so many levels.

American exceptionalism glides complacently into the 21st century on a lie and a prayer. The lie comprises all the flag-waving hyperbole, the exceptionalist claim that "We're Number One," when as measured by far too many key indicators we are actually closer to being #10 (social mobility) or maybe #34 (infant mortality) or dead last -- pun intended -- in the percentage of our population we incarcerate. The prayer is the exceptionalists' hope that no one will notice their swaggering hypocrisy as they set about gutting and privatizing all the magnificent programs on which American greatness depends and downplay default on the national debt like a cynical old bankrupt.

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