Tips For Memorializing Your Loved Ones With Honor

This was very good for me to read at this time. As I in the middle of grieving the loss of my sister. These tips helped to remind me that all though it hurts right now, I will find ways to deal with my grief.

Today is my mother’s birthday, she passed away in 1998 and I knew that I wanted to put a picture of her and I up on my BlackPlanet and Facebook pages to “honor” her in my own way. I wanted to share with you some tips for memorializing your loved ones with honor.

“Memories are life and energy to the spirits” – June Morris (wrote this on my wall after seeing the picture of me and my mom)

At the time of her passing, I put together a great video which memorialized the life that was documented in pictures, videos and her favorite music. I was surprised that while I was putting the video together, people were telling me to wait for another time when the grief passes. I am so happy that I did not listen to them because it helped me to celebrate her life and stay uplifted with the vivid memories fresh in my mind that I still find comfort in to this day. I also enjoy sharing videos, pictures and mementos with people who have not met her to keep her memory alive.

Here are some tips for memorializing your loved one with honor. Please feel free to share with the community some of your own tips and the loved ones you want to honor:

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