Tea Party Warns GOP: A Vote for Boehner's Debt Plan Violates Our Pledge

It appears as is the Tea Party of the Republican party has no idea how government works. Once again, I ask that a copy of 'School House Rock' is sent to Congress. They will allow the destruction of the country that they love so much to be destroyed. This is completely unabelievable.

The Tea Party is causing more headaches for Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) over his debt proposal.

A coalition of several hundred Tea Party chapters declared Tuesday that a vote for Boehner's debt plan constitutes a violation of its pledge, which 51 Republican lawmakers have signed. The group, known as the Cut, Cap and Balance Coalition, notified its members of its position in a Tuesday memo entitled, "Clarification of the CCB Coalition Stance on the Speaker's Proposal."

"The greatest concern to the Cut, Cap and Balance Coalition is the integrity of the Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge that was signed by 39 House Members and 12 Senators, and whether voting for the proposed deal constitutes a Pledge violation," reads the memo."

"We hold that is does violate the pledge, on several grounds."

Lawmakers who signed the pledge agreed to oppose any debt limit increase unless it met three conditions: substantial spending cuts, enforceable spending caps and a constitutional amendment that requires the government to balance its books each year.

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