Students Decry Landfill Expansion by HBCU Paul Quinn

This is just another example of how minorities and the poor are treated. I am truly disappointed in the Dallas City Council. Surely there is another location where this landfill can be placed. I hope the school and the community does not let up on the Council.

There is no full service grocery store within about six miles of Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas. But in that very same community, city officials want to expand a landfill.

The city’s efforts have students and leaders at the historically black college in the Highland Hills community and other activists crying foul.

“You’re telling me you can find a way to expand a landfill near our neighborhood, but at the same time you can not bring a grocery store?” says Michael Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn.

Because the community lacks choices for fresh meat and vegetables, residents often make poor food choices, a problem that plagues many of the nation’s poor and minority communities, Sorrell said.

He wants the city to devote as much or more time eliminating the area's "food desert" by getting a grocery store in Highland Hills as it spends on its current landfill proposal.

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