Soldier Naser Abdo to be charged with possession of bombmaking materials near Fort Hood

What is going on in Fort Hood, Texas that is causing young men to want to kill people? This is way too much going on. I understand that they are soldiers and are trained to kill, but this is taking it too far. I can't imagine what he was thinking when he purchased these items. The good news is that the owners of the store did their due diligence and notified the authorities.

An Army soldier who had been granted conscientious objector status because of his Muslim faith purchased bombmaking materials and planned to attack military personnel outside Fort Hood, Tex, the same base where 13 people were killed by an Army major in a 2009 shooting , authorities said Thursday.

Pfc. Naser Abdo, 21, was arrested in the city of Killeen and was expected to be charged later Thursday with possession of bombmaking materials. Officials said they believed he was acting alone but that he presented a serious threat.

“I would classify this as a terror plot,” Killeen Police Chief Dennis Baldwin said.

An FBI spokesman said the materials found in Abdo’s motel room included gunpowder but declined to identify them further. A clerk at a gun store in Killeen told the Associated Press that Abdo arrived at the store earlier this week and bought six pounds of smokeless gunpowder, three boxes of shotgun ammunition and a magazine for a semiautomatic pistol. The clerk said that he alerted local authorities after Abdo indicated that he didn’t know much about the items.

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