Norway Suspect May Have Had Accomplices; Death Toll Lowered

Of course they will find some other people to be involved in this attack. They will make him out to be a victim in all of this as well by the time the whole story is told. I have to admit though, I did not think he seemed 'crazy' enough to pull this off by himself. We shall see....

The 32-year-old man accused of devastating twin attacks in Norway now maintains that two cells of extremists collaborated with him, court officials said here Monday as they ordered solitary confinement for the suspect. The police also significantly reduced the confirmed death toll in the Friday attacks to 76 instead of 93 — still one of the worst mass killings in postwar Europe.

The defendant, Anders Behring Breivik, appeared at a closed arraignment hearing here as Norwegians paused in grief and self-examination for a minute’s silence to mourn the victims from the summer camp shooting rampage and bombing in downtown Oslo. Hundreds of ordinary Norwegians filled the narrow streets outside the Oslo courthouse, some shouting angrily at cars they thought might have been carrying Mr. Breivik into the back entrance for his appearance.

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