Nobody wins in an NBA lockout

NBA owners are already beginning to lay people off.  This is the very human side of the lockout that I don't think we pay enough attention to. If the NBA and NFL cannot agree, you can count on the unemployment numbers skyrocketing. This is why the President spoke out about it a few weeks ago. People are sleeping at the wheel as to how two major sports lockouts will have an impact on our overall economy. I hope they can work it out soon. If not, we are all in a a world of trouble.

As a cloud of uncertainty surrounds the lockout looming over the 2011-2012 NBA season, only one thing is certain.

There will be no winners once its outcome is determined.

The most obvious victim in this situation is the fans who will all but certainly see a shortened, possibly canceled season. Though the owners have stated their attendance has been down and insist they are losing money, appearances from the fans' perspective show the NBA has been thriving, and is as popular as it has been since the last lockout in 1998. Those who were reluctant to come back and trust the NBA's product after feeling alienated will now feel overwhelmingly betrayed and may never support the game again.

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