Is this the end of in-car CD players? Ford scraps 'old' technology for digital entertainment

I guess I should have my husband download all of my favorite CDs to my IPod. Who would have thought that cd players in cars would no longer be needed? Wow!! I am pretty old fashion, so this is going to take me a minute to digest. I do like the capability of being able to have an internet connection while on a long drive across the country.

Scrabbling around the car for a new CD to listen to on the road could soon be a thing of the past.

Ford hopes to usher in a digital age for in-car entertainment by binning CD players in its new models.

The company plans to help drivers to access their libraries of digital music via the internet.

It has become the first mainstream manufacturer to scrap the in-car CD multichanger.
The car maker’s latest Focus model will instead include a USB socket allowing digital music players to be plugged in.

The new cars will have the Sync ‘infotainment hub’ that lets drivers access their music library through the internet by plugging in a device called a dongle, which enables Wi-Fi.  This would facilitate using devices such as iPods, iPhones and other digital music players.

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