Herman Cain hosts meeting with Muslim leaders

Of course Herman Cain is reaching out to the Muslim community. He finally realized how crazy and racist he sounded. Who thinks that a non Republican candidate could have made those statements and still be running for office? I know I don't. He was so out of order in his comments to me that he really showed his immaturity. Herman Cain you are not ready for 'primetime'.

Herman Cain hosted a quiet meeting with a small group of Muslim leaders on Wednesday in an effort to rebuild relations frayed by his comments about not wanting to appoint Muslims to government posts and blocking the construction of mosques.

Cain’s campaign announced plans to convene the outreach meeting this week, but refused to provide details even after the meeting, which was held at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center in Sterling, Va.

ADAMS Center board member Robert Marro told POLITICO that the presidential hopeful met with a handful of Muslim leaders then toured the facility, which serves 6,000 families at eight branches in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

Cain’s been under fire for his comments, but Marro said he believed they’d been able to open his eyes to the idea that he’s been “getting information from people that maybe had some other agendas in mind.”

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