First Lady MIchelle Obama takes 'Lets's Move' to the Next Level!!!

I can only imagine what the 'right wingers' are going to say about Mrs. Obama teaming up with Walmart and the others. I am sure they are going to try to make this be more about Walmart and the other stores as opposed to Mrs. Obama doing something good for the community. My home community in Kansas City, Kansas does not have a grocery.  From 27th and Qunidaro to 1st and Quindaro, I would say there are maybe 4 convenience stores. I don't think any of them sell fresh produce. They have plenty of processed foods, tobacco and liquor, but no fresh fruits and vegetables. You have to drive a little ways out of the community to even find a grocery store. Although a Super Walmart recently opened, it is not in the area that needs it most. Even if there is a store in the community, the prices are way too high for fresh food. Would my community qualify as a 'food desert'?

Today, first lady Michelle Obama announced that several major retailers, foundations and small businesses have committed to bringing healthier food to neighborhoods where supermarkets are scarce.

But she knows it's not going to be easy. If you have kids, you know that given the choice of Kit-Kats or kiwis, kids will pick usually pick the candy. But today's target is the parents living in so-called "food deserts."

"If a parent wants to pack a piece of fruit in a child's lunch... they shouldn't have to take three city buses," Mrs. Obama said during a press conference today.

As part of her Let's Move campaign, the First Lady wants to help families make better choices — especially the 23.5 million Americans living in largely urban, low-income areas where access to healthy food can be spotty.

The White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity has identified this challenge of bringing more nutritious, affordable foods to so-called food deserts as one of the key pillars to solving the epidemic.

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