Fearing scary diagnosis, man drops 175 pounds

As I approach another birthday, I am once again faced with the decision to address my weight. I have no major concerns, but I just want to feel better. I want to be here for my son. So this story is right on time for me since my birthday is next month.

Will Nevin had been dreading the doctor for years.

Nevin knew he was obese, maybe even a likely target for diabetes. At 5 feet 10, Nevin estimates he weighed 350 pounds.

"When I was that size, I (thought), what do I need a scale for?" he said.

An Internet search added to the 25-year-old's suspicions. He had symptoms such as a tingling in his feet, which he thought was probably a symptom of pre-diabetes at the very least. But it was easier to ignore his size than face the possibility of a complicated diagnosis.

For Nevin, the ultimate evidence of his denial came on a road trip from Alabama to California in January 2010 with a few friends. At the wheel, Nevin abruptly began to feel a tightening in his chest, and his heart started racing.

"What is this? Am I having a heart attack?" he thought, assuming the worst.

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