Congress Must Eliminate Its Own Pensions, Reduce Its Salaries -- Before Cutting a Dime From Middle Class Entitlements

I so agree with this.  Congress has not taken anything from themselves, but everything from the American people. I remember when one of the new Republicans in the House was upset that he had to wait 30 days for his benefits to kick in. Congress, what about not getting paid for the next six months to help with government spending?

Dear Members of Congress:

You keep telling us that we are broke. [We are in the sense that the Bush tax cuts, the Bush recession and the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars have put us deep in the hole, but those are all reversible with sensible policies.]

Yet, you pay yourselves a whopping $174,000 per year, provide gyms with pools and steamrooms for members, and healthcare and nice cushy pensions.

Sorry, girls and boys, but we cannot afford it anymore. We are broke.

Before you touch a hair on the chinny-chin-chin of benefits for the middle class and poor, before you reduce payments to any healthcare providers, before you cut a dime from a social security recipient's benefits, before you mess with the citizens of this country, we ALL demand that you eliminate your pensions, past, present and future.

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