Chris Brown to be in Steve Harvey's movie: "Act Like Lady, Think Like a Man'. Is it too soon?

Some are concerned that this is not the right movie for Chris Brown to be in. I am not sure. I believe in redemption. He has successfully completed what was asked on him legally. He is an entertainer, this is his job. He has to be given an opportunity to thrive in his career.

Chris Brown gets temperatures rising, even in ways he doesn’t intend.

His expansion of his acting resume with a recently announced role in the film adaptation of Steve Harvey’s bestseller, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man has indeed caused some tempers to flare – most notably that of Essence dating guru Demetria L. Lucas, who recently became a relationship author herself.

In her “Real Talk: Chris Brown Ready to ‘Think Like a Man’” post, Lucas blasted the decision, even calling out Tim Story, Think Like A Man’s director.

“I totally understand why his bankable-again name would flutter across a director’s mind for a project,” she wrote. “But I don’t get why he would be offered a role in Think Like a Man, a big-screen extension of a brand about helping women find a mate who honors, respects, and appreciates them. Chris Brown is still seen as one of the last people who represents that ideal.”

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