Rachel Maddow: Modern Day Paul Revere

On a small scale, I agree Rachel. I think the Dems acted too quickly and harshly concerning Rep. Weiner. Weiner's mistake was that he lied, repeatedly. I believe had he come clean on day one, this would be a non-issue. Winning the 2012 election cannot be the only focus of the Democrats, they need to lead now. The President must govern now, exercise his authority now, be the voice of the silenced now.

Rachel Maddow went on a tear Thursday, condemning Democrats for forcing Anthony Weiner to resign and warning them that they have damaged themselves "probably for a generation" because of their actions.

Maddow has repeatedly decried what she views as a double standard: Weiner was forced out because of his sexts and pictures, but Republicans like David Vitter and John Ensign managed to stay in office even though they broke the law.

"Democrats have not only refused to hold Republicans accountable for the double standard, but they have joined with Republicans in piling on with the demands that Anthony Weiner had to resign even as David Vitter stays in the Senate," Maddow said. She then went on a long monologue, listing all the Republicans and Democrats who were not forced out of office even after admitting to more serious ethical violations than Weiner.

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