President Obama no-show miffs Hispanics

I wonder how long before they, the media, start comparing the number of African American conferences to the number of Hispanic conferences by the President. I hope it doesn't happen, but I suspect that it will. The President has to be very careful in how he plays this out over the next 18 months. In my opinion, as long as he is addressing the issues, who cares if he comes to a conference. Just a thought...

“The president looks forward to continuing to work with Latino elected and appointed officials in the coming weeks and months on these issues as he and his administration have done over the past two years,” Miranda added.

After POLITICO raised questions about Obama’s attendance at NALEO, the White House informed the National Council of La Raza, another Hispanic organization, that Obama would attend its annual conference in July, according to La Raza spokesman Julian Teixeira.

When Obama addressed NALEO in 2008, the group’s executive director, Arturo Vargas, asked whether he would return in 2009, if elected.

Obama replied, “As president, I am looking forward to being back and addressing you.”

Three years later, NALEO is still waiting. Vargas said the invitation for this week’s conference was delivered to the White House a year ago.

“It’s more than a disappointment,” Vargas told POLITICO. “I don’t get it. I don’t think he’s given our membership the attention they deserve.”

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