House grants Rep. Anthony Weiner leave of absence

I am glad that the House granted Weiner his leave of absence. May be when he comes back, he will be ready to make a decision. If he resigns, then I hope the media will leave him alone to work his way through this.  I hope the therapy helps him to discover the root cause of his issues.  Based on all of the photos popping up online, he has a lot of issues to work on.

The House of Representatives has granted Rep. Anthony Weiner a two-week leave of absence, even as the top House Democrat made clear that the beleaguered New York congressman was not wanted back at the Capitol.

The request for a leave was approved Monday evening by unanimous consent. Shortly after, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters that she hoped her colleague "will hear this and know that it's in his best interest for him to leave Congress."

Her comments came a hours after President Obama made his first remarks about Weiner’s sexting scandal. The president said that if he were in the congressman's position, "I would resign."

The statements were meant to pile on the pressure for Weiner, who has resisted repeated calls for his resignation since he first acknowledged engaging in sexual and graphic online exchanges with women he met through his Twitter account.

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