Former Substitute Teacher pregnant by 17 year old student

I am not real sure what is going on with our teachers. I would like to know what makes them think this ok. It seems that we are having more women involved in these sexual relationships as well. With more and more of them getting pregnant. Not only what was she thinking, but at what point did he think it was ok? This is sad on so many levels and now she is pregnant. How do you explain that to your child that your dad was my student when he was still in high school. Every body involved needs to go to therapy and I mean everyone.

A former Clayton County substitute teacher admitted to having a sexual relationship with one of her students, police said.

Police said the teacher, Rene Frank, 27, also told them she is pregnant with twins and the 17-year-old student is the father.

Channel 2's Tom Jones was in the courtroom for Frank's first court appearance.

Jones said Frank walked in and immediately began crying.

A judge denied bond for Frank, at which point Jones said she began to cry again. Frank is charged with sexual assault against a person under supervision in a school.

According to police documents and an arrest warrant, Frank taught math at Charles Drew High School in Riverdale. Officers said the 17-year-old student told a teacher he was involved in a sexual relationship with Frank. That teacher told the principal and police were called.

Officers said they questioned Frank and she admitted the allegations were true. Police said she told officers that the student's father asked her to give his son a ride to school and that's when the relationship progressed. The sex took place in Frank's car off campus, police said.

Students at the school said they heard about the relationship, but not the pregnancy.

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