Cavaliers take Irving with No. 1 pick in NBA draft

I have to admit, I was not real excited about this year's draft. I knew some of the players, but I just was not that interested. Actually, I was more interested in the trade deals with veteran players than I was with the draft picks. Either way,I am gld Cleveland got who they wanted. Maybe now they can get over LeBron.

Kyrie Irving probably secured his spot atop the NBA draft when he went to Cleveland and beat his future coach in a shooting contest.

Yet even surrounded by family and friends from his nearby hometown, Irving couldn't relax Thursday night.

"When David Stern came up there and said that the Cleveland Cavaliers have five more minutes on the clock, that felt like the longest five minutes of my life," Irving said.

Imagine how Jimmer Fredette felt.

The sweet-shooting NCAA player of the year had to wait about 2½ hours from the time he was picked by Milwaukee to the time he officially became a member of the Sacramento Kings after being involved in the biggest trade of draft day.

"It took a long time, but it's something you've got to do," Fredette said. "They just wouldn't let you out of the room until the trade was official, and I wish it could have been a little bit earlier. I have friends and family that I'm going to go see and hang out with after this, so that's what happens sometimes."

It happened for plenty others in a draft that was considered a dud talent-wise but certainly wasn't dull, thanks to a flurry of trades that including veterans and picks.

There was no chance the Cavs would deal Irving, confident his foot is healthy enough to lead the rebuilding effort that follows LeBron James' departure and no doubt impressed when the Duke point guard beat Cavs coach Byron Scott in a shooting contest during his workout.

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