Biden work ready to get down to business

I sincerely hope that something is worked out and soon. It is time out for games and political posturing. People lives are at stake and they are playing games. I don't know if they realize how serious this situation is, but there will be consequences either way.

Robust, strongly felt exchanges marked White House budget talks Tuesday as the focus turned back onto discretionary spending and the huge divide still between House Republicans and the Obama administration’s domestic agenda.

“We’re down to the real tough stuff right now, everybody is in the room… everybody’s still in the game,” Vice President Joe Biden told reporters as he left the Capitol after the more than two hour meeting.

And in short hallway exchange with POLITICO, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) used similar language to describe what he said was a “very robust” discussion but also a sense of urgency that doesn’t allow either side to walk away.

“We got into some of the very controversial areas today. We’re all still at the table,” Cantor said. “We had a very substantive, I would say robust, discussion today and we’re going back tomorrow.”

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