Another Success Story: Young woman goes from Chicago projects to Yale

Timeica Bethel grew up in a Chicago housing project. She was raised by her grandmother, abandoned by her own mother, a crack addict. Now she is on the cusp of her college graduation from Yale University. With all the world before her, she's going back to her roots to teach kids living in the same public housing she came from.

Bethel attributes her successes to her grandmother. "She pushed me a lot to do better and be better and told me that I could always do anything, so I took that to heart," she said. Only 3 years old when her mother became sick, she and her siblings were left at her grandmother's house.

"I missed my mother a lot. I used to pray her my mother every day. We didn't see her, so it was kind of odd not having her around. It was odd for events when parents came to school and stuff like that. But my grandmother was there," said Bethel. Now she is about to graduate from Yale, and her mother is back in her life.

"I talk to my mom every single day. She calls me everyday when she's at school. She cries when I talk to her. My grandmother does the same thing, she's a cryer too," she said. Bethel hopes that her story shows that anything is possible and that education is essential

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