23 Black Boys Earn Perfect Scores on State Test

Here's something to smile about: In Oakland, Calif., 23 black boys scored perfect scores on last year's state reading or math tests. Of the 23 whiz kids, 8-year-old Amir Ealy (pictured) is profiled by the Oakland Tribune.

In the video, adorable Amir is described as a well-rounded, dedicated student who never misses school. His doting father seems amazed by his son's accomplishment and is supportive:

"I hope for him to continue to get good grades and go to college and do whatever it is he wants to do: stunt man, police officer, army, whatever he wants to do I'm for it." Indeed. Sobrante Park Elementary Principal Marco Franco attributes Amir's success to his family:

"Amir is just an all-around kid. Like I said, it starts with him and his family, so he comes to us ready and is always prepared in class." Park Elementary has a wise principal. For most successful children, a high level of support, consistency and love can be found in their homes, propelling them in to greatness. But the community has a part to play too.

In the video, Principal Franco celebrates Amir's success by bringing him in front of his peers in the school auditorium -- a smart move. If the standard is publicly set and the bar is continually raised, more and more students will be encouraged to realize success for themselves. Many blessings to you, Amir. I know this is just the beginning. May you grow up and change the world.

Watch Amir and his support system here:


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