Game Show Idea

My game show will be about being the best athlete you can be. Its a game show were you have to beat a certain amount of obstacles.  The point is you have to finish the courses in a faster time than your opponents time. The first obstacle is you have to run 40 yards down a football field as fast as you can run catching the most footballs best out of ten.  After the hard work of catching, you have to run up 30 steps of stairs sliding down a steep slide into a pool of blue dye.

After swimming in the pool of dye, you will pull yourself up a very high 14 feet pull up bar, and the challenging part is you can't fall into a unknown deep pool of slime.  The next very hard challenging obstacle is you have to go across a swinging handle less bridge with very powerful swinging punching bags that you have to dodge including not falling into the foam bath.  Next there's another bridge but this time its easier and not swinging.
you have to run across a really narrow bridge with automatic punching gloves trying to knock you into a pool of washable paint.  Once accomplished you now swing across vines trying to make it across, and watch out below there's a slime pit added with feather that will stick if you fall in.  Last but not least you swing on the ninja warrior zip line, were you make it across a rope with no handle to hang on to across the warrior finish line.  There you have achieved the ninja warrior award.  Also included with the award is a cash prize of $10,000 that you can spend anyway you want.

Author - Jimonte Bill
Sign Illustration - Jermiah Franks and Cameron Flowers


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