The Common Denominator: Education = more career choices

In the historical sense, the equation E = mc2  is indicative of the mass–energy equivalence which means that mass conservation becomes a restatement, or requirement, of the law of energy conservation. However, in the context of this blog, the equation is reduced to something far simpler:  E = mc is equivalent to the phrase Education = more career choices.

David Schepp of the daily fiance, wrote an article called, "Obama Unveils New Education Initiative to Boost Worker Skills,"  in it he writes, "The U.S. has a huge jobs hole to fill, and despite the lingering recession and high unemployment, many employers report having difficulty finding the workers they need to fill specific jobs. In the U.S., 52% of companies reported problems attracting critical-skill employees, while nearly the same number say it's tough to find high-performing, talented workers, according to a recent survey."  David goes on to say, "the lack of qualified workers is in part caused by too few young people expressing interest in learning science, technology, engineering and math, despite ample job openings and lucrative salaries.

There is irrefutable evidence that education creates the opportunity for sustainable livelihoods, raises agricultural and industrial productivity, provides the basis for sustained and equitable growth, improves health and nutrition levels, reduces family size and raises the level of community participation in local decision-making. The graph below is an illustration from the Department of Labor Statisitcs that contends you will earn more if you have more education. You will also be less likely to become unemployed. A survey from 2009 shows that average earnings grow from $454 to $626 per week, just by earning a high school diploma. Getting a college Bachelor's degree increases average earnings to $1025 per week, and graduate, professional, or a Ph.D. can earn up to $1257, $1529, $1532 per week respectively.  In short, college is no longer optional - it is mandatory.





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