Mother Jones: Even Evangelicals Sorta Kinda Like Obamacare Now

Hats off to Mother Jones and their recent coverage on the Mitt Romney tapes.  They have not denigrated the Romney campaign, they have only reported the facts.  I have a strong appreciation for organizations that consistently does that.   Below is another unbiased report about President Obama's health care plan.  It reads, "Attendees at this year's Values Voter Summit, the annual DC conference sponsored by the evangelical Family Research Council, have been among the most fervent opponents of President Obama's health care reform law.

Some of the groups currently suing the Department of Health and Human Servicesover the law's requirement that health insurers cover contraception are on hand as exhibitors and panel discussion members. But even here, many attendees I interviewed Friday had to admit that now that the law had survived the Supreme Court and was starting to take effect, there were parts of Obamacare they not only liked, but which had already helped family members or people they knew.

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