Viola Davis and Tavis Smiley spar over 'The Help' controversy

Although I wish Davis and Spencer were nominated for these roles, we should not forget that Ms. Viola Davis has been her before. Did we offer her enough support for that role? I don't think. I understand Tavis' point but I get Davis' and Spencer's point as well. Unfortunately, we place a lot of pressure on African American actors and actresses. These people have to eat. This is their career and we should respect their craft. Until we start to put the pressure on Hollywood to do more to show people of color in a more positive image, then Hollywood will continue to do what it is doing. We could not even agree on the need to see Red Tails because it left out women and we did not want to 'grease' Lucas' pocket!!! We crucify Tyler Perry for Madea and For Colored Girls, but we fail to support him for Daddy's Little Girls or Meet the Browns or A Family that Preys. I say you go girl to Viola and Octavia!!!!!

In a recent interview with Tavis Smiley, stars of The Help, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer, defended themselves against criticism that their Oscar-nominated roles as maids in the movie are demeaning to African-Americans.

Smiley started the interview by cutting right to the chase and saying: "I celebrate the two of you. I'm delighted that you were nominated [for Oscars]... and yet I will admit to you. There is an ambivalence here...There is something that sticks in my craw about celebrating Hattie McDaniel so many years ago for playing a maid... here we are all these years later and I want you to win, but I'm ambivalent about what you are winning for."

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