6 things to watch in Monday's debate

Mitt Romney comes into tonight's debate with the endorsement of Tim Pawlenty. I wonder will that be a plus or a minus. I don't expect them to do nothing but try to out do each other as it relates to bashing the President. They will also try to see how extreme they can take this country.  I would like to hear from some of the other candidates that have announced thier bid for the President. Who appointed these 8 candidates as the ones we need to hear from?

Just five days after they met in Simi Valley, Calif., eight of the 2012 GOP presidential contenders are set to take the debate stage again Monday and pick up where they left off—with a vigorous discussion about Social Security.

The event, sponsored by CNN and the group Tea Party Express, will take place in Florida, a state that serves as a crucial battleground in both the primary and the general election. And that senior-heavy locale only heightens the stakes for the expected battle, which is likely to expand beyond last week’s two-man fight between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

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