Jennifer Hudson Talks Weight Discrimination Pre Slim Down

Jennifer Hudson recently revealed to the UK’s Grazia magazine that the entertainment industry discriminated against her when she was heavier (note to Captain Obvious).

She said, “In this slim world I do now realize I was being discriminated against. I’m offered more parts. There is much more excitement about me now.” The singer revealed that she never saw herself as overweight when she was living the heavy life because before Hollywood, most of the women around her had meat on their bones.

“I never thought I was overweight. I thought my old look was pretty normal. That was how all the girls looked growing up in Chicago. I didn’t have any problem with it. It makes me smile to think back to myself when I did ‘Dreamgirls’ with Beyonce. I did see all these women in Hollywood, all very slim and I thought, ‘Wow, these ladies are very into themselves.’ I loved that I stood out in a room. You knew when you saw this woman it was Jennifer Hudson.”

However, nowawadays, she says she always gets surprised at what she used to look like when she sees older pictures of her thick self. To each their own. We just hope that she still has a healthy body image and doesn't make herself sick by trying to get even smaller.



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