8 Steps To Teaching Children Manners

I totally agree with the need to teach children manners. It is so disturbing to me to see children in public behaving inappropriately. This says to me that maybe the behavior is only inappropriate to me because the adult in the situation is not phased by the behaivor. It also says to me that we are not teaching our children how to behave at home.  It appears as if we are leaving it up to others to do it for us.  I hope these steps will help someone.

Children should be trained in basic etiquette. Each day I feel as if the responsibility to teach our children basic manners has gone right out the window. Just how basic is basic, though? As a teacher and a Godmother, I am stickler for manners. If you don’t use them, you get nothing. My parents taught me that manners built character. Character is what defines you in life. It is the ability that allows you to draw the line on behavior.

Here are 8 steps for the basics in manners

1. Saying “Please” Saying “please” should begin as soon as your child is able to ask for something. If she’s old enough to ask for sippy cup refills, she should be able to tack a “please” onto the request.

2. Saying “Thank You” Following close on the heels of “please,” your child should be able to say “thank you” whenever she is given something. She should be able to say thank you to her parents, her teachers, other adults, and her own friends.

3. No Interruptions This one is harder for kids to grasp, but your child should not interrupt adults when they are talking. If you can at least teach your child to say, “Excuse me, ” before steamrollering your conversation, consider it a lesson taught.

4. Holding the Door for Others This is so basic, but it’s a breach of etiquette that happens all the time–even between adults. Just observe it in a busy mall on a Saturday. It’s so much more pleasant if your child learns to hold the door for you and for others. It’s even better if you can teach them not to bolt in and out of elevators.

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