Junior Seau dead!! (1969-2012)

This is so sad. Prayers for his family especially his kids.  I always liked Junior Seau. It is unclear if it was suicide or not, but either way, too soon.

NFL legend Junior Seau was found dead in his home in Oceanside, CA ... and a law enforcement source at the scene tells us cops believe he shot himself.

Seau was 43-years-old ... and leaves behind 4 kids and an ex-wife.

Cops are currently at Seau's home -- located in San Diego County -- and were seen talking with a man who was inside the house and appeared distraught.

We're told Seau sent text messages to his ex-wife and 3 kids yesterday saying, "Love you." We're told they all responded and didn't suspect anything was wrong.  We're told he last saw his kids 3 weeks ago.

Sources close to Seau tell us family members didn't notice any signs of depression in recent weeks.

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