Sanford police chief, Bill Lee, to step down permanently

In my opinion, he should have stepped down permanently in the beginning.  He is the first, but I hope he will not be the last.  That entire police department is culpable in how this case was handled.  I am not even sure if all of the evidence was collected properly with the release of the 'blood photo'!! So who will be next??

Bill Lee Jr., the Sanford police chief at the time of the Trayvon Martin shooting, will step down permanently.

Lee becomes the first official casualty of the controversy surrounding the handling of the Martin case.
Sanford police initially released George Zimmerman, and he was not arrested until he was charged with second degree murder by a special prosecutor assigned to the case, more than a month after the February 26 shooting.

Lee announced March 23rd that he was stepping aside temporarily, in the face of large protests and demands for Zimmerman's arrest. Lee's supporters have rallied to his cause, including one of two Sanford commissioners who opposed a no-confidence vote against Lee last month. About 3,000 people signed an online petition calling for Lee's reinstatement, and wristbands saying "I support Billy Lee" (as Lee is called locally) were also circulated via a Facebook.

However, calls for the city manager, Norton Bonaparte Jr., to remove him permanently, continued.
Velma Williams, one of three Sanford commissioners, including the mayor, Jeff Triplett, who voted no confidence in Lee in March, greeted the news of Lee's permanent resignation with relief.

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