Metta World Peace has history

I thought that Metta had made some changes.  I wonder however if the 'elbow' would be receiving so much attention if it was from a Tim Duncan or Kevin Durant or Blake Griffin. I personally feel that it is his past that is causing every one to over rate the foul.  Yes it was hard, but I really don't think he saw him. From my angle, his eyes were closed and he was excited about the play he had just made.  I could be wrong but...

It would be much easier to forget Metta World Peace's turbulent past, if he didn't so often provide present-day reminders.

With a vicious elbow to James Harden's head during Sunday's Lakers-Thunder game, it became 2004 all over again -- when Metta World Peace (then known as Ron Artest) engaged in a brawl that spilled over into the stands and remains the most embarrassing incident in NBA history.

World Peace certainly has worked hard to distance himself from that ugly display, earning the NBA's J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award last season, donating this season's salary to charities that benefit mental health awareness and even going so far as to change his name to a universally beloved concept.

But this latest episode has resurrected suspicions about World Peace's true on-court character. And the fair reality is that World Peace's turbulent history is so extensive that it is appropriate for the league to consider it as it decides how to respond to his brutal action against Harden.

The elbow to Harden doesn't instantly negate the strides World Peace has made to distance himself from his rough reputation, but the Palace brawl meant that the league office has to have a permanent, underlying no-tolerance policy for World Peace the remainder of his career.

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