I am sure no one is surprised by these wins. I tried to listen to Mitt and Santorum, but I could hang for about 2 minutes. Both of their voices irritate me. I think it is because they are just telling so many lies that it hard for me to listen to. Any way, congratulations Mitt Romney!!

The long, draining Republican primary season may finally have reached a turning point Tuesday, with Mitt Romney on his way to sweeping three contests in Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia, and potentially dealing a decisive blow to his most dogged foe, Rick Santorum.

Romney is projected to win both Maryland and the nation’s capital; he had 50 percent of the Maryland vote with 12 percent of precincts reporting and 68 percent of the D.C. vote with 14 percent of precincts in. There was little mystery surrounding the outcome in either contest as Santorum wasn’t on the ballot in D.C. and Romney led by huge margins in Maryland polling.

The Wisconsin contest is likely to be the marquee result: both Romney and Santorum have campaigned heavily there and the super PACs supporting them have spent substantial sums on the air.

There, too, Romney is the favorite, maintaining a 7-point edge in polling conducted by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, and NBC News and Marist College. Network exit polling showed 83 percent of Wisconsin primary voters now believe Romney will ultimately be the GOP nominee, according to CBS News.

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