Eat more 'superfoods' to lose weight

Maybe I will try some of these and see what happens. I guess it couldn't hurt. Even if I don't lose weight, I would have tried some different foods for the first time. We shall see!!!

When you're on a diet, food consumes your life.

You can't eat carbohydrates, so you think about them constantly. You can't dig into your co-worker's candy drawer, so M&M's float across your computer screen like a desert mirage.

You skip the bar after work because that's where the margaritas live. And forget snacking after 8 p.m.; that would be breaking diet rule No. 364.

"I've hated diets all my life," says Lucy Danziger, who is ironically the author of a new weight-loss book, "The Drop 10 Diet."

"If I tell you 'Don't think about this,' that's all you can think about."

What if losing weight didn't have to be so negative?

As the editor-in-chief of SELF magazine for more than 10 years, Danziger has seen every fad diet known to woman come across her desk.

Then, five years ago, the triathlete decided to ditch dieting all together and focus on choosing foods that would "pay her back." She wanted to run, swim and bike faster, and she needed the proper fuel to do that.

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