Atlanta Jewish Times Column Suggests 'Hit' on President (VIDEO)

OK, why am I just hearing about this and it was written a week ago? Do we not find this to be newsworthy? We already know that that the threats on the President has increased 400% since he announced his candidacy. No other President in history has had the number of threats as President Obama. I think that all threats should be taken seriously because we don't know how crazy people really are. A couple of weeks ago, a man was able to shoot an AK 47 at the White House. Last week, a smoke bomb was thrown over the fence. It is my opinion, that the Secret Service and we the people have become immune to these threats. I think that is a problem. The moment we don't take a threat serious enough, it will be the one that will be the most credible. Wake up people!!!!!

The publisher of a small Atlanta weekly is now drawing international condemnation for a column he wrote that goes far beyond merely criticizing the president.

In a Jan. 13 column in the Atlanta Jewish Times, owner and publisher Andrew Adler wrote that one of three options for Israel in dealing with the threat of a nuclear Iran could be to "take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel."

He reiterated it. "Yes, you read 'three' correctly. Order a hit on the president in order to preserve Israel’s existence."

Adler said he wrote the piece “to get a reaction from the Jewish community.”

The reaction has come from critics from across the globe.

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